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Breaking: Congress orders Man on Mars

Breaking: Congress orders Man on Mars Congress Just Ordered NASA to Get Crackin' on Mars and a Ton of Other ThingsBoth the Senate and the House have approved a bill that will send $19.Among other things, the budget demands that NASA create a plan to put humans “near or on the surface of Mars in the 2030s.

Stu loses control of his life.

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/x/ outsmarts a demon

/x/ outsmarts a demon 5 Anonymous 12/ 07/ 16( Wed) 21 :04: 57we KB wemmake deal with denim to get e shit ton of goldruse geld to fund filtering salt Gut of entire Oceanruse retraining funds to launch salt into orbitmelt forms ring around the earthreihen demon hernes back to fuck we LIP, it caratget pass salt circle

Memes that taste good when you've smoked weed

Memes that taste good when you've smoked weed And they were never found 11 mns agoWhite House petition to label Antifa as terrorists 19 mns agoGive me money or you're bad 26 mns agoHooltadub Ovokeat Ysernytsan 27 mns agoNot rooting for the black guy: Racism!1 hr agoStinky Pinky's Girls of Wonder 1 hr agoCoca cola life review stevia birthday boy 1 hr agoCagryiroo Samsid Ralliglock 1 hr agoImagine if this Ship appeared in KanColle 1 hr agoLisa the Painful RPG Fan Animation 1 hr ago7,36 MILLION MUSLIMS!