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Flynn Offers to Testify For Immunity

I have been intending to make a quality post about some changes in our legal system I have been researching into, I did not want this to be my first post coming back.But when I saw this I though it was important.

A moment of shitposting for sweden

A moment of shitposting for sweden The guys were ahell of a lot bigger than me and I felt prettythreatened so I said "okay but just a handjobnothing else".The directorates said "well let' s seewhere it goes".

Anon's military story

Anon's military story We told this story befire an here, but I think you guys will We itUSMC riflemanAfghanistansget billets as gre nastier.have to lug arsenal a fucking 32 because aware my we hurtdeceptions newwaet can about a VBIE ( IED)Ed out an patrol tn investigatetruck obviosuly out with weight sitting under a treeleader say' s than gotta be it, tells me to just blew it the fuck uplaunch a grenade, l by like 20 meters because We rely used this thing beforeWEED DAMMIT ANON YOU BOOT SHITBAG FUCK WHY THE FUCK DC) YOU EVEN HAVE THAT FUCKING THING F YOU CAN' T SHOOT IT"sass is getting chewedat Insult in shame, spaghetti falling nut as my mp [stenchsame fucking guy fall out of treestands can trust:struck fucking blows upsilty missed shot scared the guy in the tree mm the remote detenator far the l/ BIOlet me keep the Transformer Killer