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I was putting together a turkey sandwich

I was putting together a turkey sandwich Daily News August 22-2017 2 mns agono, wait I'm already here 4 mns agoAnon is an intelligent and snazzy young man 10 mns agoJapanese Imperial Army Victory March 15 mns agoYou guys watched the new Ducktales already?17 mns agoHello Steelhead my old friend.

Not to brag but

Not to brag but a imgur.( amimgur v mp»: v PgTrick friends into thinking you have your shit together "Emmi P,have Imgur?

Get your shit together

Get your shit together Holy Avenger - Chapter One 13 mns agoDeep art.Io is pretty cool 16 mns agoWastees Etysto Usammiodse 23 mns agoAudio Recordings of Combat During the Battle of Kwajalein (1 43 mns agoAlduin, Smaug, Draco, Saphira 58 mns agoConor McGregor fan rages out after devastating loss.

Ouija is just the French and German words for yes mixed together

Ouija is just the French and German words for yes mixed together Black people can' t fuck wit ouija boards, Asidefrom the obvious fact that we don' t fuck witdemons and shit, spirits come from all ranges oftime.If I start talkin to a spirit from 1819 an hecall me a nigger, I' m killing myself so we canthrow them spiritual hands.

Getting older gets weird

Getting older gets weird THE ENDING TO HALLOWEEN 4 13 mns agoSchool taught me so many useful things!14 mns agoNo Man's Lie lore (spoilers) 38 mns agoAnon doesn't understand mathematics 47 mns agoGallery Games 7 (Reaction Images) 50 mns agoHILLARY CLINTON SOCIAL MEDIA 53 mns agoAlternate Alternate Ending 1 hr agoGood thing from Dragon Ball Evolution 1 hr ago>Actual footage of florida right now 1 hr agoFirst dates are always cute 1 hr ago

joke a day 61

In the morning, Johnny, Fred's little brother, gets up and has his breakfast.As he is going out of the door to go to school, he asks his Mom if Fred and Mary are up yet.