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Some cool info stuff

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/fit/izens share 2 sides of a story.

/fit/izens share 2 sides of a story. File:.igg (115 KB, 776x905)Who else here?

/fit/izen reacts to a shooting

/fit/izen reacts to a shooting Board / ' Settings Home5 Anonymous 02/ ( Tue) 17: 05: 59 blo.fuck comes inside, shoots the14 receptionist in the head, andmakes his way towards the weightroom.

robot might be going to jail.

robot might be going to jail. I File: IMG 5103-" (617 KB, 936x1339)I What the fuck do I do?Anonymous350_ 50993_ 50_ 51015at retail storeEstore manager is a cute tiny AnnaKendrick looking womans married with kidsAalways gives me cute little smilesand looks like those anime girls dowhen they like the protagonistTooday she invites me into her officeto "talk" and closes the doorcompletely misread her intentionsand end up groping hers horrified and tells me nojust leaveI' m sitting in the stock room as we speak trying to process all this.

Sweden: Sex-breaks for work

Sweden: Sex-breaks for work Laid off: Swedish workers could be given paid 'sex breaks' to improve well-beingWorkers in Sweden could soon be allowed to take paid "sex breaks" during the day – in a bid to improve low birth rates and promote healthy relationships.He said couples were not spending enough time with each other in today's society, adding: "It's about having better relationships.

Robot tries to blend in with normies

Robot tries to blend in with normies be 35050255 Kip)wwas at a bar trying to blend in with the nanniesfusees girl walking my directionohshit.jpegwalks up to meshe an say something, I start screeching like an autisteverybady in the bar leaks at meI realized she was a waitress and was trying to ask me if I wanted something