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Ken M on Circumcision

Ken M on Circumcision San Francisco may vote on banning malecircumcisionVideo: Charita tnHealth Care advisory BeardFOX HewsCcomment from Ken MKen M 1 hour ageCollapse Repliesf Erhere 872itifoi, 12 Ill Email in PrintBy Gabrielle Seven -Ffed Apr 27, till pm ETSAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -A group opposed to male circumcisionsaid on have collected more than enough signatures toquality a proposal to ban the practice in San Francisco as a balletmeasure tor ) veet) er elections.Making circumcision illegal will only create a clangorous and unregulated black: market.

Anon summarizes maddow tax return fiasco.

Anon summarizes maddow tax return fiasco. MI File: tn._ ipg (87 KB, 960x727)chides tax returns for monthsthink something' s shady is in themappend months tryingto illegally get copyRachel Maddow))) gets hands on it and can' t resist releasing it tothe publicMums out Trump pays million in taxes.

employees hate the game too

employees hate the game too Schizophrenic and arrogant, working here left scars‘H v Employee tn EdmontonI Doesnt Recommend I Negative outlooktwerked at Bioware glemme (More than 5 years)No OpinionwasPaula": m the development teams do incredably things small perilous m whatmade this company great slut remain If you get attached to one (witness parts or theorganization you will nave an amazing experienceA reasonable amount mime beerAbout the only email Hymn want to work somewhere and We tn Edmontoncansthe rest ovine company ts a bloated organazation plagued by Immaturebehaviors and a lack m mg mute thinking Personal agendas run mo, with the mo myuu' expect vram an high school People who try toassess/ address/ improve the are singled out and persecuted, and their turnover tsmu - almost all either!talk Just let rtMany burns got cut due to too much time extension to get the game donesnowlessAdvice to ManagementNut going to waste my breath on this one sadly they wont listen anywayl would of choose differently"H v Employee tn Edmonton ABI Dean!