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X-Wing: The Miniatures Game – Review -

X-Wing: The Miniatures Game – Review - X-Wing: The Miniatures Game aims to recreate small scale dogfights between the ships of the Star Wars universe (ignoring the prequels).You'll get to fly everything from the nimble Tie Interceptor to the iconic Millennium Falcon.

Trump Abusing the Elderly

Trump Abusing the Elderly shared Just President Trump Things photo.FJust President Trump Things , Like pagetbl hrsThis is a leaked photo from the late Hull' s where Trump was dared he several onhisfriends to abuse an elderly man.

Anon and his hamster.

Anon and his hamster. 5 Anonymous 02/ 1 6/ 1 '7( Tht) 23: 62ttr Be 9 year old meGet a paratrooper Action h/ lan withparachute4 > Tie parachute to family hamster109 KB JPG ts Drop it from the tth floorWatch the hamster crash on thegroundOld lady nearby starts to scream in horrorToo much of a pussy to get downstairs to retrieve thecorpseIN/ lam gets home, finds the dead hamster and molds meRemember my dad laughing his ass off when she toldhim what I did in the evening