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You fucking trickster you

You fucking trickster you had an argument on facebook 5 mns agoRoses are red, her orgasm was fake.11 mns agoThe Dawn of Gastonne Part 2- Ass ton 36 mns agoThe Dawn of Gaston Part 1 37 mns agoYou're a black man joining in an anti-identity politics meme.

Not to brag but

Not to brag but a imgur.( amimgur v mp»: v PgTrick friends into thinking you have your shit together "Emmi P,have Imgur?

Guns N' Roses really went commercial

Guns N' Roses really went commercial face the power of bambi Kingdom Hearts 4 mns agoRyūjin no ken wo kūrae!20 mns agoA comp discovered in the shed 31 mns agoA comp found in your wallet 35 mns agoSimple no sound video to make you happy 37 mns agoAre you going to leave her waiting?