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CNN plans to merge with AT&T

CNN plans to merge with AT&T 5 Anonymous (ID: )lla&CNN' s parent company, Time Warner, isplanning to merge with ATT, They are321 KB PINK?still waiting for FCC approval and there isnothing signed yet.

/bant/ discusses racism and disabilities through memes

/bant/ discusses racism and disabilities through memes How They Make It Looks So Easy?5 mns agoSuastus Hair Tatl Erimascu 8 mns agoThat boy grew up to be Stephen Hawking 29 mns agoFidget spinner trick that has the world hooked 36 mns agoHe's a great stormtrooper 49 mns agoShould we nuke North Korea?

They're called Mr. Freeze's motherfucks

They're called Mr. Freeze's motherfucks why do {Jeanie have like 74973 different names tor theselooking through the notes for this post is hilarious be everyone has adifferent name they insist is the tolly oneyou have yourill assays called them putset freezingLt' ietdstutter in mil gag about thrsrefreeze asi Einnis always called thgen gm franciasyou have your :HEM1; -an have your.and you have this guy:fl.

Anon makes a case for Anakin

Anon makes a case for Anakin Beware of white men in blue suits 6 mns agoThe difference between capitalists and commies 9 mns agoIdiot says he'll fight for NK 11 mns agoA BUDGET MECHANICAL KEYBOARD 17 mns agoThis is why Austria is Great 34 mns agoI made a gaming channel on YouTube!51 mns agoEvergreen College unsafe for white students 52 mns ago

/x/ anon is bamboozled

/x/ anon is bamboozled Anonymous Tue (15 Jan 2015 15: 19: 42 hha.15651236 Reportwe ti]Hiding bike with mom and sistrip through the forest to the lakekeep up after them, cause hatemf; glasses are broken, so i ride without themrt see my mom only as red stain (her dress) like in front of me.

Anon is closet trans-sexual

Anon is closet trans-sexual t Anonymous tra/ 19/ 17( Wed) : 03: 23 No.38471743mo to the bathroom really quickI come back my dad islooking through my computerbask what has doingHe says it' s his right to see whatI' m doing because I live under hisrooft try to argue because I know it' s only goingto make things worsehave pictures of me dressed in girl clothes andfucking my ass not well hiddendad is openly homophobic and has said he' llkick me out if I' m gay or an atheistawaiting in the living room right nowB KB JPGt.