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Doomfist’s Daily Life

Doomfist’s Daily Life Get a chance to WIN $100 worth of Chinese Lessons 4 mns agoPringles Spain, everyone.8 mns ago/pol/ discovers the wondrous joys of the Somali Language 27 mns agoA Work of Historical Fiction 48 mns agoHazama's Troll Booth (Blazen!

Adam Savage on cosplay

Adam Savage on cosplay The trash will show you the way 19 hrs agoSo.the face of my GF when I'm naked.

Anon has a good point

Anon has a good point Anonymouse 37694454 23 rain, acto u.shaving an argument on reddithave the more logical pointsand the upper handperson goes through my postingrisist: jld history and drags up embarrassingstuffenacts like he "won" the argument and43.

Sephiroth didn't kill Aerith

Sephiroth didn't kill Aerith tarren I ISepiroth didn' t kill Aerith.Sephiroth impaled her through a region the eady that deosn' tcompletely destrey vital organs (at most damage to the liver/ and largeintestine)Also no elem is lest in the scene he majer tweed vessels are damaged.

Anon has a bad day

Anon has a bad day E AnonymousH” A shaving a really shitty daywe to the KFC drivethroughatthe female cashier seemsreally creeped out by me21 KB JPG fer same reasenasst hands me my feedwithout a word, I say "Thanks" and drive offsteel even verse because the cashierdidn' t even tell me to have a nice daysstop by the convenience store on the wayhemeaanother female cashier, diesn' t greet me,diesn' t tell me he have a nice dayr-" get inside my car and just fucking SNAPand start screamingElam car into reverse and blast out of myspace without leakingspull out really fast withers looking andstart fishtailing because the road was wetsstill screaming incs: aperentlyspun into my driveway and scream as mudas I can for a minute pr twojust sit there and try to calmdawnGod dammit all they had do was say thecanned fucking line to me "Have a niceday" and I wouldn' t have flipped out.Whythe fuck didn' t they met say it?