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Even Villains Need Company

Even Villains Need Company AIDmust overthrow evil Overlordare capturedsail male characters are thrownfemale elf's dressed in an evening gown and brought to evil overlord' s chambersail players roll their eyes.thinking they know where this is goingsemi Overlord proceeds to have a nice dinner and polite conversation with female elfr' ' re not going to have fourway with me?

Anon gyms at night

Anon gyms at night as Li Anonymous ( : 14Embarrassing with stones threadplate at nightmac}: of negro africanusbut only time I can workoutthey start staringmetall over to meMeel like running but too beta to moxieswan: past mewe harass carcano bunnyr start getting grabbyishnesscoalition of swole staff runs inaangry greek manballoon animal black manyskole white guy named swanmaintenance guy holding wrenchdmini fight commencesneegro topples plate racktell them gripniggers scurry outagree}: man pats me on backg, rou did the right thing getting our attention"pm I was the one whoEl AnonymouseE I Anonymous : : vIman

Anon talks about his childhood

Anon talks about his childhood IcawNC?291 3221 7 6 hours agowe an we 40(Weird Shit You Experienced as a Kid threadbbe 'rayo memad is in hospital w/ his tth heart attackH have to poopI was given directions to was closed forcleaningAabout to shit pantsbathroom in employee only areaReprint to itup stallgiant black dude on his kneessucking off a skeleton dude that was maybearound and runshit until I get home 12 hours later

/pol/ teaches you how to identify a jew

/pol/ teaches you how to identify a jew 121474728What are the best ways toidentify a jew?TI KB JPG22 Replies/ i View Threadt.

/r9k/ normie is stalked by a female

/r9k/ normie is stalked by a female Ci Anonymous (( Mort) : 16 No.36503892.

Anon fails at suicide

Anon fails at suicide ipg (29 KB, 410x410)suicide fail thread‘?I' ll startwe mearound 12 years olddeppressed atstool: for food at my grand mothers housebooties too shalt is full or pillsseat a ole containerdays later.

Blizzard is Looking at Harsh Penalties for Overwatch Competitive Play Leavers

Blizzard is Looking at Harsh Penalties for Overwatch Competitive Play Leavers If you've played any competitive Overwatch, you've likely seen people who bail on matches when things aren't going their way.Many games punish players who leave early, and one Overwatch player suggested in the game's official forums that Blizzard should borrow Street Fighter V's system, which tags leavers with a red label, and only lets them play with other leavers for a set period of time.

Anon eats an MRE

Anon eats an MRE Bree neext threadI' ll startcomes back from IraqAirings home a bunch of pork rib MRE' s( Basically military rations}Tbells me to try somekliks disgustingpngseat 3 bagsmistake of my lifedaystomach makes the loudest whale call I' ever heardipgBetook it to bathroom9.tactical shitsticks was eminentdown pants an slap my ass down on the toiletsst out a huge fart that sounded like a Gatling gunto force out the massive log that took refuge in my rectumnnothingwith the force ow US army Sherman tanksOutter a legit battlecry to get my diaphragm to push with enough forcesitting in the other roomkeksstarts to budgeagonyPussyhole expanding to sizes beyond human understandingThears in my eyesthe sharpest pain ever experienced by manmassive "" in the toilet followed by a loose, wet fartexeAscared to look into toiletwhen you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares backMt had the length and width of a can of Monster energy drinkscan hardly stand upout of the bathroom alter experiencing the most violent rapeThears in my eyes: and visibly exhaustedslidy brother' s sides are in orbitHow do people eat that shit

Anon looked for a flatmate

Anon looked for a flatmate Anonymousity: ) (/ 13( Thu).495651108 Replies: 22495552135guys, i need a feels thread.

We all have the potential to be newsmakers, so tweet accordingly

We all have the potential to be newsmakers, so tweet accordingly I had fallen into a particularly entertaining Twitter thread, and I had no intentions of crawling out.The posts aren't original, but they never really try to be — and that doesn't hurt anyone, right?