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How to troll yourself

How to troll yourself ll Eleanor Robertson'sthought Pd check in on /pol/ after mimedisgrace and I see they are, as always,focused on the issues that matterAnonymous {H}: man 1''!iti_ coif,113% iss “REE1211255339 /: ' cl, mama iiicarts are.

Anon Agrees To Eat Dick.

Anon Agrees To Eat Dick. Cl Anonymous -" No,College erg: - threadsibe freshman at bigup buffet every daymeal plan ftwDetroy in one nightcarribbean foodyissin linebehind youshiri not changeseason overmyoga pants galorePstart small talksymbology majorup in lineBegetting closescan smell the tishsgood not girl2-' countinue talkDjaddy issuesFinaaly get to frontis big black mantalking 'Green Mite' big3-' -Asks what I wants" Fail load"smees I' m me large piece of fishsneering alpha3: -He jokingly says "This as big as my dick"Immediately reply with "I' d gladly eat your dick"wmm I realized what lies: saidwmm Everyone laughs at mewmm Girl leaves with gorilla

Anon makes up story about getting revenge on Chad

Anon makes up story about getting revenge on Chad IN File: (19.499x499)Ll thread anonymous ()) 21: 33: 05 hlo.

Anon creates a safe space

Anon creates a safe space militia Mii Safe spew thread: A mam where we am ell disuse things mum and ' rtq each ether.Rules:NO PORN If ANY HINDISAFE E NO RACIST.

Robots try to buy a communal GF

Robots try to buy a communal GF i AnonymousCommunal (female) threadRoastin whore Aria Alexander has quitmaking porn and is looking for a sugardaddy to take care of her as she followsher "dreams".If we pool all of our spare cash together43 KB JPG we can possibly afford to have a forour board.

Hardware at McDonald's

Hardware at McDonald's Retail Autism Threadits meswording at a hardware storestarlet demographic is primarily eld peopleewe literally sell denture cleaners at the impulse purchase section instead of candyeverytimes we have to deal with seem really senile Eelsheld weman denies front registerstrees use a eeipens'' Starry mam, but I cant aceept this"was fer a fucking his Donalds_s" We are a hardware store"s" Ytou dent haner deepens?"

Anon gets drunk and leaves his number in 4chan thread

Anon gets drunk and leaves his number in 4chan thread l 5 Anonymous 09/ 06/ 16( Tue) 00: 35: 04mthree years agorreally drunkrapost my number on ychanasking someone to call me andtell me a story til i fall asleepsthis bald motherfucker righthere calls mesteals me a story about a bear who switchesplaces with a human for a dayhowmany keks til i fall asleepa weekly ritualsterne goes on and its less stories and moregeneral conversationmthree years later hes getting marriedmasks me to bethe best man in his weddingAly up the mast to stay at his house for theweekendffriends and family all know 1: " me so its kindaweirdabut everyones really fucking chill especially hisfriends234 KB JPGprobably one of the best weekends of my life, allthanks to ID}.and to think i was gonna axe murder him.