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I guess, idk thoughts?

I guess, idk thoughts? Parents let son dress up as Clinton for Halloweenfaggots get accused of Child abuse for letting their faggot dress as cunt.8 year old girl from Alabama picks Melania Trump for her schools favorite first lady project.

/pol/ack shares his thoughts on /mlpol/

/pol/ack shares his thoughts on /mlpol/ E Anonymous (ID: ' )giirlSun)I miss those horse fuckers already.Pros:Baronies scare off the shills andT_ D with horse porn49 KB We ; are redialledBaronies post in their own threadsBaronies know whats its like to be hated by everyother boardCons:Hoorse porn threadsNnothing else reallyStrawpoll from yesterday:http: h' wwy.