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David "Dr. Cat" Shapiro Video Interview, Part Four

David "Dr. Cat" Shapiro Video Interview, Part Four A nearly thirty-minute discussion ensues in this latest entry to Matt Barton's video interview series with David "Dr.Cat" Shapiro of ORIGIN Systems fame.

/pol/ sums up the tolerant left

/pol/ sums up the tolerant left So, lets get this straight:light Trump supporters hair onfireCirc?KB PINK) :Ireport multiple fake hate crimesown black church and spray paintTrump"traffic and riot in their own shitty liberal citiesblanka Trump and children on an airplaneLeight trash cans and Starbucks on fire in DCa Muslim immigrant' s limoCastro, who killed people for speaking outagainst himAll while calling Trump and his supporters Nazis, eventhough the party was socialist.

The Hardships of Being a Healer

The Hardships of Being a Healer Make America Classy Again 23 hrs agoPatriotism Like That Turns Me On 18 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #11 21 hrs agoMake elder scrolls great again 22 hrs agoMy favourite Znoflats comic 20 hrs agoWhen Bastion mains try different heroes 23 hrs agoPyromaniac is Located (Attempted Murder) 14 hrs agoDutch Dank Stank Comp: 4# 18 hrs ago/Fit/izen using psychology to get GAINZ 22 hrs ago/pol/ sums up the tolerant left 13 hrs agoShaira Is The Way For Women's Freedom 18 hrs agoUS Canceling the TPP Deal 14 hrs ago

/v/irgin meets a girl

/v/irgin meets a girl i Anonymous 01/ 23/ 17( ddon) 14: 06: 01r: -talk to girl in second lifeANI: it offsexchange contact infostart skypingddo this for a few monthssuecide to meet up at dragoncon in Atlanta andshare a roomr: -aww yes, time for actionffirst day thereshaving funand his 2 bros compliment her zero suitcostumesshe keeps talking to themay I have to use the restroom and will be rightbackr: -come backtthey' re gonebsearch around and start calling hernnothingr» -fuck it, I' ll enjoy the con myselfggo back to hotel room laterddid I hear somethingopen doorr» -can' t open it fully because of that slide lock orwhatever you call itccan see her getting triple teamed by thein the mirror by the doorr: -have to wait until they' re finishedsmells like sex and I' m pissed

Blog Post #8 – January 24, 2017

Blog Post #8 – January 24, 2017 A limited edition Mini item will be available on Thursday, January 26th, 2017.Anyway, here’s a preview of the goodie item that will be available in the Mini Mall this coming Thursday.