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It's the little things

It's the little things Man I love Foxes.Pic Unrelated.

People perceive you as..

People perceive you as.. Are Republicans The Real Snowflakes?9 mns agoGOT STREAM IT JUST STARTED 14 mns agoPull out game weaker than my will to live 17 mns agoWhat company's motto would go well with another company 19 mns agoRate my new characters FJ 22 mns agoAnd old people nowadays call young people stupid 23 mns agoWestboro Baptist Church now has an online dating site 32 mns agoGlobal Warming undeniable 35 mns agoItsudempoc Hevapub Sacowovof 43 mns agoThings aren't going as planned.

Political stuff and things

Political stuff and things I got news for your There is no law that saysa campaign can' t accept informationfrom a foreign government.If that were the case, everyone on a campaign whotalks to a foreign national is committing a crime.

Tumblr in a shellnut

Tumblr in a shellnut He's a good green dog Brent 1 mn agoArai San Is Going on a Adventure 6 mns agopeople dying, Camzore wants me to edition 10 mns agoWIIILSOOOOON you're such a sellout!11 mns agoThat advertisement just gave you your answer.