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"Woman can do mean things"

the reg feiern bottthink it is very telling that the biggest issues mraz can complain about belldewBut ldek' t like being called em wee I' m a %Fallowed closely byWomen can dd mean things sometimes Real sexism is humerous government departments dealing with ' sissues but Edee dealing with men' s issues.

The more things change...

The more things change... Alan Lieberman E r.Dr.

some people don't deserve nice things

some people don't deserve nice things OOHand 99CommentsE Teenagers online have a need to makeeverything matter how odd thecharacter it is someones ‘warn’.

/biz/ and the economics of women

/biz/ and the economics of women Mudkip's Stolen Memes #62 47 snds agoThere she goes, there she goes again… 10 mns agoPlease don't veganise your pets.19 mns agoRIGHT IS A MOVEMENT OF PEACE 26 mns agoThis Kaban Has Fallen And Can't Get Up 26 mns agoHow to disarm a naval contact mine, Bong Style 41 mns agoGriffith did everything wrong 44 mns agoDeaf Wife Story (cute as heck) 49 mns agoGuy shares insane list of relationship 'rules' 53 mns agoW-What Happened To Serval Chan?

der Wille zur Macht

der Wille zur Macht id yari, Ti', things vary E: Lilo is what you do ', glaliewaiting to Ilia — tor man, statistically, that is yamist t‘.Doing 'itl good or 'iall' r, you L' L' ' mortar.