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Bakugo is best waifu

Bakugo is best waifu Anon suggests how to commit suicide 1 mn agoWendy's isnt only savage on Twitter 6 mns agoLittle things that make me happy 4 7 mns agoHow Deactivate Grey from seen content 12 mns agoTrump is more powerful than we thought 21 mns ago★★★ Make lightsabers great again ★★★ 23 mns agoObi-Wan Remembers The Truth 26 mns agoawkward teacher/student moments 31 mns ago

Robot discovers the perfect suicide method

Robot discovers the perfect suicide method 5 Anonymous 07/ 22/ 17( Sat) 18: 31: 293854_ 4885#Not him, but came up with this one in tth grademet a shotgunammo off a tall building headfirst with shotgun inmouthbeefore you splat pull the triggerAnd there' s a big fat mess for all the normies towitness and clean up.if it5 Anonymous tla/ 22/ 17( Sat) 18: 33:.

RIP in pieces Stubbs the Cat

RIP in pieces Stubbs the Cat Part of the contract, the family said, was that Stubbs would stay with the store.“After a day or two of him giving them the eye and a little growl here and there; they became best friends,”the family wrote.

Anon's self defense backfires

Anon's self defense backfires bbe matrully starts picking an maHake up EDD stabsY'' what what are you dam?I-“ DIE!