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ALS Challenge gone too far

ALS Challenge gone too far Anon goes to see Wonder Woman 1 mn agoMusical Memery Compilation 1 mn agoInsightful /v/irgin predicts the future of the Fallout series 6 mns agoAnon explains Chick-fil-A 8 mns agoStudent apologises with cake 8 mns agoSjw finds new word to use 8 mns agoA whole new level of petty 34 mns agoOfficer adopts child abuse victim he saved 37 mns ago

I want my hat back

I want my hat back Profanity is a No-No Pt.2 14 mns agoTHIS IS A JOKE ABOUT MASTURBATING ON THE INTERNET!

thats why nobody sends me a friend request

thats why nobody sends me a friend request Its great that The Doctor is a woman.but why not a black woman?

Third time's a charm

Third time's a charm Remember the Younger Version of Yugi’s Grandpa 3 mns agoMaster and Margarita Music 6 mns agofeels good to get this off my chest 19 mns agoFallout 4 Parody: Part 5 - Let's Do This 21 mns agoIt's over Admin, I have won 27 mns ago✨ Moon the Undaunted ✨ 35 mns agoGotta love Fox News trying to use pol as source 38 mns ago

Now I want Taco Bel

Now I want Taco Bel Found Trump Street in London 16 mns agoStephen Colbert slowly descend into madness 40 mns agoI wonder what's the next demon will be.44 mns agoTexas Wants To Make It Legal To Run Over Protesters 53 mns agoThe Wise man and The Bright Boy 1 hr agoSweet memes that melt in your mouth 1 hr agoMuranese!