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Dr. Barry J. Marshall

Dr. Barry J. Marshall Steve Harvey is the hardest man alive 2 mns agoAmerican Chicken Pie /instagram :animalsparkpakpak 3 mns agoDon't listen, it's a trap 41 mns agoRefugees now grow to succeed in Europe, Europe Yes!51 mns agoIt had a different meaning back then.

thats a good title

thats a good title Mimewhy was edward elm named the alchemist, why not thepunching alchemist, because by god did he punch some shitedward elm, the dude who punched the gate of truth open just so heamid yell a little longer at his little brotheredward elm, the dude who punched his own dad in the face, his dad,whee kind of immortaledward elm, the dude who punched Gad- like literally.straight up fuckingdecked himThe Catch These Hands Alchemist