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A Fresh new Bill Nye meme

A Fresh new Bill Nye meme Bill Nye Shilled out to Shaw' sBill Nye Talked about vaginas on aKid' s showBill Nye Claimed that there wasmore than 2 gendersIn the Bill Nye VS Ken HamDebate, Bill Used himself as asource and stole research whichis academic dishonesty andtherefore lost the debate andshould get his degree revoked.

/pol/ack wants to repopulate Japan

/pol/ack wants to repopulate Japan File ( uing (108 KB, 960x720)I Japanese men too busy fugging their body pillows than qt Jap girls.Here is mygame plan {pollto Japanthe women there don' t want to a dirty foreigner (respectable)my eyes back so I blend inpnga qt Japanese girlher on a couple of datesrile "to clubs and be taller than the bouncerswet atmy western willy inside herwants to introduce me to her parentsthem I' m the CEO of Animelove meMuarry qtchildren with herkids are half Englishis confusedher of cheatingherfind another qtRinse and repeatJapan with rings elf

Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry File: ( 11 KB, 206x318)delayers are investigating an ancient.abandoned castleside: "So yeti step into this banquet hall.

'Batman' Takes Over Suicide Squad!

'Batman' Takes Over Suicide Squad! Always believe even when the trash is gone 23 hrs agoHadocex Yssuitelay Wablels 21 hrs agoDnD is classist and racist!23 hrs agoAussie celebrates his heritage.