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Jason Miller on The WomensMarch

Jason Miller on The WomensMarch Miller Jason added 2 new photos.This is the advertising for my latestbook "inaugurate her by the pussy" In the image on the right you' ll see myadvertising targeting.

Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #13

Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #13 OP reflects on his first love 23 hrs agoPortland Police takes down protest 23 hrs agoTrump freezes $221m palestine payment 18 hrs agoOverwatch sure has changed 23 hrs agoThursday's Cute Things - 26/1/2017 19 hrs agoFaspu Vexp Xattoco Towarodr 21 hrs agoMeeting her dad for the first time 23 hrs agoTytathe Deemali Gaimmyshoo 17 hrs agoOverwatch/Project Titan Concept Comp 22 hrs ago

Anon figures out he isn't smart

Anon figures out he isn't smart 5 Anonymous 02/ 18/ 17( Sat) 07: 30: 53You wake up tomorrow,turn on the news outlet ofI T your choice, and find outf m that during the night, FirstContact has been made.its confirmed, we' re not theonly intelligent species in the universe.

Showing Their True Colors

Showing Their True Colors Faith in humanity restored 21 hrs agoFor honour at japanese server 21 hrs agoNow I want a baby hippo.20 hrs agoGuy lost for FIVE years found last week 21 hrs ago4 Years later.

Canada is a cuck

Canada is a cuck your wife makes bothunderstand that he is going to be servicing your wifewhile you watch- it' s fine.

Why has Sweden's crime rate skyrocketed?

Why has Sweden's crime rate skyrocketed? Hidden trash within us all 23 hrs agoStory Time- Awkward Bathroom Adventures 18 hrs agoHow to run DOOM on Porsche 911 21 hrs agoToast n' Ted - R E A L I T Y 02/20/2017big reveal - imagnet comic 21 hrs agoWhen a girl approaches me 17 hrs agoRacism Simulator Extension 21 hrs agoWho's a good gun, you are 21 hrs ago