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Anon tells his highest tale

Anon tells his highest tale i Anonymous ( Fri) 00: 33: 34 No.719602874Okay /bl this is a tale of the highestWe ever been and it changed mylifecollege virgintime I got to naked chicks22 KB we was in a stripclub in Britianafuckin strived for poontangget high as fuck and just imagine havingsex with beautiful womenfriend is roommate who gets astart off as friends but slowly get to reallylike eachother a shit tonFfucking intimate shit that I dreamed about at nightsone night both were had amazing fucking sexwhile my room was right next to hisshounds so much more special and better thanporns/ kt them time I took like 5 gravity bong hits andwas seem fuckin starsstrarted to get synesthesia and could feel whatthey were feeling just from what I was hearinglike I was getting fucked in a vagina andfucking with my penisssaw insane visuals of us three in a paradisemaking loveFearne for what felt like hours, ran into roommatesroom thinking they both had been telepathicallyhaving sex with me.

/pol/ misses a paycheck

/pol/ misses a paycheck 97051 34 ) 9705954iwork for a carpentry company that flips housesa bigboyto get our paychecksbawner Comes out and tells us he' ll pay us the next day, but first he wants totell us somethingHells us he' s always wanted to become a woman and that from then on we allhave to call him Margemeat day he doesn' t pay USffind out he stole all the money and ran off to indonesia to get a sex changecoshocker uses his korean mafia connections to track down bosstthey find him working at a night club, dressing like a woman and blowing touristssheet him to death with a tire ironMeyer got paid that last paycheck

Anon tells how they got their nickname.

Anon tells how they got their nickname. Anonymous I 34550226 yhr.ago onffirst day of high schoolffirst periodtreacher checking attendancessays to speak up if you would like your namepronounced a different way or anythingfgets to mecall me jeff"ddon' t know why i did itknever knew a jeffddo this for my other classesreget marked absent sometimes because i never fuckingrespond to "jeff"closest to a "nickname" I' got

Anon tells a story

Anon tells a story i Anonymous 02/ 21/ 17( Tue) 13: 14: 21 No.723181321Story time /b/a student worker inschoolrework in office where you rentout school' s equipmentis used forprojects by students who don' t have their ownshitssee MiguelAIN/ Miguel rents equipment like everyone elseAIN/ Miguel always wipes SD card returning.