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Japan's First Party

Japan's First Party A lesson about forgivness 4 mns agoI am the box guardian, guardian of the box 6 mns agoI didn't need to know that 9 mns agoGyrados cosplay (Sabre Grove original) 21 mns agoI want a vaguely aggressive gf 23 mns agoTake this sit to a whole new level 41 mns agoPhew!That was a Close One 51 mns agoSometimes Games Make You Smile 56 mns agoThomas Laughed and Laughed 1 hr agoA true American Indian Horror story 1 hr agoClassic road rage behavior 1 hr agoMemri TV has the best biology 1 hr ago

George Lopez takes no shit

George Lopez takes no shit Historical photos part Willing to hire Title Maker for 2$ an hour 4 mns agoThe Simpsons did it again 9 mns agoShe deserves a wedding ring 17 mns agoDnD Comics #3 Meet the group 19 mns agoIdle hands are tools of Devil 19 mns agobasically just swapped existing resources 20 mns agoAn explanation for everyone 21 mns ago

"Woman can do mean things"

the reg feiern bottthink it is very telling that the biggest issues mraz can complain about belldewBut ldek' t like being called em wee I' m a %Fallowed closely byWomen can dd mean things sometimes Real sexism is humerous government departments dealing with ' sissues but Edee dealing with men' s issues.

Anon tells the story of his conception

File: (47 KB, 800x530)Cl Anonymous 0811 at 1 T( Wed) 1 3: 14: 13 -emem telling me the story haw her and my dad metmmy mom is white american, my dad is full arabicmmom proceeds to explain they met over 15 years ago over an internet chat momthat my dad' s english was probably shit at that time cause he still lived in Jordan, a countryall the memes about arab/ indians dudes harassing white girls aminekl can nest the wistsmmfw i realize that i was most send: levee from my dad saying "hale l: beutiful show bob"meant to say indian'

y'all need jesus

y'all need jesus Ne been putting off telling my mom about my ear piercings; she' s really religious and theold testament forbids piercings and tattoos.i' m farming talking points For the argument thatwill inevitable ensue when i get home; however any advice or suggestions are welcome.