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Anon feels like Ant Hitler

Anon feels like Ant Hitler i Anonymous 07/ l (miimii/ I 7( Sat) 1 2: 1 5: 07 No.38385176I had ants in rnl/ house and decided to teach thema lesson, I had a large cup with a lid for proteinshakes lying on its side with some sugar in it, andsure enough after a while they l/ Vere all there, I putas many as I could into the cup then boiled thekettle, I flipped open the lid and poured it in, then Iturned the bottle upside down so they' d float upthrough the boiling water, then did it again beforethey got to the top SO for the next minute and ahalf they were constantly submerged, drowning inboiling waterfew days later I found their nest and boiled akettle and poured it over them, I felt like ant hitler,but they haven' t come back since

When a normie tries to teach me about memes

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