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under 6'6, END YOUR LIFE FAGGOT 6 mins q Aajust a wants 6' 6, tan guy that has green eyes darkhair, has tattoos but wears suits ,listens to jazz andhip hop , that can cook , who has an awakened spiritand heightened sense of intellect, who is rich, pasthis hoe phase, and strong minded and can deal witha little crazy every now and then without runningaway, he has to like clubbing ilt just as much as helikes hiking, He can like the snow but he can' t love itcause we gotta move to the I: Bahamas one day.,oh and he gotta believe in god 'fit'My birthday is in like 5 days ' Soomo get on it guysfind this dude and bring him to my birthday dinner loltif tait it 3 Commentsd, Like I Comment A Share

100 ways to die comp #8

Nhan the cart hit a speed bump Cameron was Hunginto the air anal clue) upon impact with the groinal.Returning From a trip to ,, Antonio, Texas theSUV he was arriving hit an icy patch anal New themac).

How to tan human flesh.

How to tan human flesh. JPG 25.Kib720x406pplaying generic D& Dsuecide to make a skeleton bard with atrumpetsnarfed INV/.

Zone Tan VK sweater

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icarly trying way too hard

icarly trying way too hard tan account " F ll VThe whole fucking show was centered around aweb show, The shit literally called "Carly"Kids today are obsessed with technology.We used to play in pilesof feathers!