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edge eddge and edgy

edge eddge and edgy Black Tweets Comp BLM Edition135423 hrs ago There's no way that's a real pas-oh97220 hrs ago "White skin was never specified.Rowling loves black Hermione.

Outfit7 purchased by Asian consortium for $1 billion

Outfit7 purchased by Asian consortium for $1 billion Update: Earlier this week, a report surfaced suggesting that Outfit7 was to be acquired by a Chinese chemical firm for $1 billion.As it turns out, today the purchase price was confirmed by Outfit7 but the purchaser in the initial report was wrong.

I Love You Faggots

I Love You Faggots Programmers on suicide watch 23 hrs agoTRANScending the Realm of Dad Jokes 22 hrs agoVelma Virgin Killer Sweater 22 hrs agoBack at it again with Webm comp #65 21 hrs agoIm Not Even Going To Say Anything 19 hrs agoTrump's mud ban saves anon from a naggin 20 hrs agoSubmitted Without Comment 19 hrs agoWednesday's Bonus Cute Things - 1/2/2017 17 hrs ago

The reality of Supply and Demand.

The reality of Supply and Demand. Click to block a category: mudkipfucker prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment $690 was already way too too expensive.“We’re not talking about a limited commodity.