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What kind of person were you in high school?

What kind of person were you in high school? sbe melooking3: -no friendsstry to be soecial/ talk to peopleT: -no one wants to be friends with the outsidersshear about a site -sailed mys pagemmaybe this is my GlanceTrade eberyone I know from manualsyes yes yes, making friendsroom ment on their pagesT: -no repliesroom Kliment a lot of girls picturess'' thank you anon M"to do this far 2 yearsidealize I had became school' s internet stalker (Heepomeleteis pend next 2 years not talking to anyonesthe end

/b/ro Educates us on transgenderism

/b/ro Educates us on transgenderism itwe meawalk around with a giant foam cowboy hattalk about my giant foam cowboy hatmet incited to get togethers and dinnersDo you think they' ll be alright with my giant foam cowboy hat?l don' t mind educating them on mygiant foam cowboy hat.

Things we wish our pets could say

Things we wish our pets could say You feel like there are thoughts and words behind the facade, but alas, animals can't talk and we're left wondering what they would say if they could say anything.If they could talk, here's what we'd want them to say.