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The State of NA LCS Going Into 2016

The State of NA LCS Going Into 2016 In short, the pros think NA will be better than ever.“But I think with bringing good players to NA will increase the skill level of NA significantly, just by playing solo queue and playing with players that are really good.

Such a waste of talent

Such a waste of talent Emojis shouldnt be used for affirmation.22 hrs agoPulitzer-worthy investigation here 19 hrs agoCat brutally attacks kitten 22 hrs agoTrump cuts US debt by 12 billion 23 hrs agoNow THIS is what I call Social Justice 16 hrs agoAnon Gets caught for gore 18 hrs agoDeadpool is disguised as Ryan Reynolds 22 hrs ago3D printing can solve every problem 15 hrs agopinnacle of naval assault technology.