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Takes 2 to Tango

Takes 2 to Tango a good medic will not give up 23 hrs ago/b/ro Educates us on transgenderism 22 hrs agoI'm sure it's a good thing 22 hrs agoIsn't 15 dollar minimum wage awesome?22 hrs agoWhen the Anime Starts to Deviate from the Manga 20 hrs agoAnon goes to the stone market 17 hrs agoThe Siren Call of Globalism 17 hrs agoWoman triggered by Iraq anecdote 14 hrs ago

It Can't Make Up Her Mind

It Can't Make Up Her Mind ptr-, isCHILEDThis takes serious strength.D.

Muslim anon takes redpill

Muslim anon takes redpill File: (75 KB, 715x661)I' m a Muslim from the UK and I' recently discovered how everythingblue say about Islam is actually true and not exaggerations.Everything about how it uses tener and barbaric practices to control people in a social and mental prison are starting to make sense, and its only now that I' m realising whatIslam truly is.

The Dark Side of Thomas the Tank Engine

HOLY FUCK AT THE ENE flit THE BACKGROUNDTH TOOK ITS FUCKING FACE OMGIllain,the early themes the tank engine books are prettystandard stuff.didn' t they also hook up one engine to agenerator, so he' d never move again?

China will be the first country to setup deathcamps for muslims

China will be the first country to setup deathcamps for muslims China will be the first country to setup deathcamps for muslims Click to block a category: alessios prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment <Chinese military takes an anti muslim oath<China bans the Burqa<China bans kids from having islamic names<China bans muslims from recruiting<Future China will force all Muslims into small camps<Future China will test new weapons on their Muslim population<Future China will be the first to rid itself of the crescent menacewww.independent.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Preview

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Preview In a sort-of preview/interview with TaleWorlds' CEO Armagan Yavuz, PC Gamer takes a look at the upcoming Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord.The aricle conveys the journey of Yasmin, a character in a demo version that serves as a vessel to show off the new features and the imporvements as compared to the current pinnacle of Mount and Blade games - Warband.

Anon takes an Exam

Anon takes an Exam I Exam Taking Anonymous (( yesd) : 48 No/ 36572409Exam taking story time?rile mestudentGeluid Mechanics Exam in 2 hoursthis I' m gonna failrarReemember I am Lactose Intoleranthit I can eat some Ice Cream, I will fartMaaking the room smell bad will force everyone in the lecture hall to leave early to avoid the smellwill bring the average down so the prof will have to curve the examPluckily my farts are silent but deadlymy devilish planHIE gallon chipto lecture halltummy is rumblingdown to take test and I feel the absurd amount of gas buildup in my rectumbeginsabout 15 Namesakes in 25 minuteswall silent, but all deadlyPeeople begin to leave around the 20 minute mark of a 90 minute examrues I finish, there are only 2 people left, one being the profand my test in and head homemmy plane ork ed.

'Batman' Takes Over Suicide Squad!

'Batman' Takes Over Suicide Squad! Always believe even when the trash is gone 23 hrs agoHadocex Yssuitelay Wablels 21 hrs agoDnD is classist and racist!23 hrs agoAussie celebrates his heritage.