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/fit/ in a nutshell

/fit/ in a nutshell Vice Uploaded a video about the Acid Attacks in the UK 1 mn agoangry steam chatroom mod gets absolutely livid 3 mns agoImportant camera movement in Bnh A 11 mns agoGoogle "European people history" 25 mns agoI Wanna Stay In The Middle Lane 28 mns agoAnon gives /x/ some dating advice 29 mns agoJim can be mean sometimes.31 mns ago

Ysco Lerre Nemy Zomutacu

Ysco Lerre Nemy Zomutacu So Poland is forced to open borders to immigrants 11 mns agoSo much salt, so little time 15 mns agoMime Screams F*ck Off during BBC News Interview 22 mns agoVR Kanojo: animemanga Plays 25 mns agoStar vs.The forces Of Evil 25 mns agocarts are the only fun in gorl 26 mns agoThe autistic liberals strike again 26 mns ago

Have you seen a woman poop?

Have you seen a woman poop? Have any of you astrally seen agirl take a shit?Not like you walkin on them when they' re on thetoilet, I mean actually seen shitcome out of their asshole IRL?

I assume he drowned

I assume he drowned How to respond to a man-hater 2 mns agoGIVE ME THIS SKIN BLIZZARD 3 mns agoTalk about your feels, FJ 6 mns agoConstant Stimulation with Video Games Devalues Female Companionsh 7 mns agoHow sad are you over Chester's death?15 mns agoIn the era of Fake News, the Onion turns to fact checking 16 mns agoMevavodre Nysarab Tearuasosp 22 mns ago"You merely adopted the tub.

A-mora Lame Hicana~

A-mora Lame Hicana~ Mudkip's Stolen Memes #42 42 snds agoJoJo's Bizarre Summer Break Chapters 41 and 42 4 mns agoPop Culture Post Apocalyptic by Filip Hodas 10 mns agoSkins concepts u have never seen before 10 mns agoRIP Chester Bennington (too soon?) 14 mns agoI got a new gf and her name is Saint 15 mns agoThe four horsemen of the apocalypse 26 mns agoGood Father and a Dramatic Son 30 mns agoGamers Share Their Weirdest Online Encounters 30 mns ago