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7 Days to Die Review

7 Days to Die Review This is just a quick outline of some of the many things we are expected to achieve when playing through an open world survival game.For many people (myself included), this used to be all you needed to hear in order to splash the cash on the next open-world survival title claiming to offer that truly immersive experience set in a brutally challenging world.

Top 5 Survival games on Xbox One

Top 5 Survival games on Xbox One They say that survival of the fittest, whether it be on an island, in an apocalypse, or beneath the sea, is the way humanity survives.Whether this is true or not, I can’t say, but the fifty tons of loot that I’ve gathered from the trail of death behind me is weighing my shoulders down and making it a bit harder to run.

Subnautica Hands-On Preview

Subnautica Hands-On Preview The survival scene has seen us blast off into space, it’s seen us wander a world full of dinosaurs and it’s seen us run the rooftops of cities plagued by a zombie outbreak.Rarely though have we ever seen a survival title drop us into the deepest oceans, leaving us hellbent on scouring the seabed, scavenging whatever we can find in the process.

Playing Fallout 4's Survival Mode With Ironman

Playing Fallout 4's Survival Mode With Ironman Destructoid's Nic Rowen has penned a long diary piece on his experience with Survival mode in Fallout 4.The catch?