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/fit/ in a nutshell

/fit/ in a nutshell Vice Uploaded a video about the Acid Attacks in the UK 1 mn agoangry steam chatroom mod gets absolutely livid 3 mns agoImportant camera movement in Bnh A 11 mns agoGoogle "European people history" 25 mns agoI Wanna Stay In The Middle Lane 28 mns agoAnon gives /x/ some dating advice 29 mns agoJim can be mean sometimes.31 mns ago

Boku no Hero Fanart

Boku no Hero Fanart RIP in pieces Stubbs the Cat 23 hrs agoYou can always count on the Simpsons for a good laugh 23 hrs agoDank thrones comp Season 7 part 1 23 hrs ago/his/ describes a moneyless society 21 hrs agoAnon tries to commit suicide with a bow 23 hrs agoTrump is more powerful than we thought 21 hrs ago