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Superior Spider-man vs Wolverine

Superior Spider-man vs Wolverine Two Heads are Better than One 18 hrs agoA CNN anchor was selected by TSA for a search 21 hrs agoWTF?WE HAD THIS IN MY KINDERGARTEN 21 hrs agoI don't know if it's good or bad 21 hrs agoSo when she does it it's cute 20 hrs agoStarted at the top now we here 13 hrs agowhen will your thirst be quenched, 2016?

Arguing with a Trump hater...

Arguing with a Trump hater... Anonymous asked:Literally nothing he has said ordone states or even implies thathe believes whites to be superiorto anyone else.His actionsprotect American lives.

It's happening to Me right now

ithought Iwassuperior toeveryoneelse for notdrinking or going toparties and insteadbeing a good boybethought being aloofmade me betterwenever went afteranyone but my SHE]ileitis because my lovefor her was too pure andi thought perseveringwould prove somethingThe chads and stachesin my year were reallydecent people too, atleast from 11th gradeon.They gave me a lotof chances to fit in and Imissed all of thembecause I was tooprofoundly autistic.

Are you kidding me, Cracked?

Are you kidding me, Cracked? J isms toIt' s easy to feel morally superior to someone who weighs we lbs.Butconsider this: Statistically, dieting never works.