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Based leaf BTFOs media

Based leaf BTFOs media D) PI02/ 26/ 1 7( Sun) 1 7: 35: 45 No.114335982bbe trumparun for republican nominationeevery single news outlet says to fuckso KB we off.

This is what a spacecraft sees during a solar eclipse

This is what a spacecraft sees during a solar eclipse An eclipse is an incredible thing to see from Earth, but it's even more epic from space.A new video taken by the European Space Agency's Proba-2 spacecraft on Feb.

SpaceX, NASA, and the Northern Lights: this week in space

SpaceX, NASA, and the Northern Lights: this week in space We are seeking to understand what structure in these visible signatures can tell us about the electrodynamics of processes higher up.The third rocket was part of the Ionospheric Structuring: In Situ and Groundbased Low Altitude StudieS, or ISINGLASS, mission.

the many faces of /r9k/

the many faces of /r9k/ E Anonymous 03105117( Sun) 10: 12: 22 ' 18041Anon, how come you always playas a girl character in videogames?'102 KB JPGE Anonymous 0310511 7( Sun) 19: 12: 53 'because i don' t know how to be a man5 Anonymous 031051’ ( Sun) 10: 13: 39Cause it' s the only way I can make a girl do what Iwant her to do.

aww yiss, rare English sunshine

aww yiss, rare English sunshine Vegans: but how can I make this about ME?23 hrs agoBefore you make a post about white people.

/r9k/ goes to the library

/r9k/ goes to the library File: awn (206 RE, 1080x1080)IL, Anonymous 03/ 12/ 17( Sun) tty.No.

I didn't need this...

I didn't need this... Jone's - Rochester I atThis morning was the perfect combination of sun andwind that I had been waiting for all spring.t said mylast goodbye and let the wind scatter Buddy' s ashesoff the end of the dock mat as the same wind took hisfur in years past as I would brush him here almosteach morning.

Anon tries masturbation tips

Anon tries masturbation tips i Anonymous 03/ 19/ 17( Sun) 1 1: 09: 09 No.35624375bbe meffeel horny and want to jerk offresearch up ‘masturbation tips for7.

Anon on "being yourself"

Anon on "being yourself" i Anonymous 03/ 26/ 17( Sun) 01: 44: 45OPA#the funny thing is this is actually great advice forpeople looking for genuine friendships andrelationships, if youre putting on an act you willjust attract people you don' t really even get alongwith, dent have fun around and who are of poorcharacter who put up with insincere relationshipsand it wont end well, but if you just be yourselfbro, even if you are the biggest autistic retard onthe planet, if we interact with enough peoplewe' ll eventually find people who really click withwe we can be honest with, although that doesn' tmean we can yourself to associate withbetter and better peoplehowever most people on here, AND normies, dentlike this advice because all they care about isgetting approval from popular attractive peopleeven if they are dysfunctional shitty people allwhile blaming other people for being shallow fornot accepting themit it