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Pleb-tier fabricated faggotry

Pleb-tier fabricated faggotry was gave me swiming mesons very youngpretty rises swim mer by age 8trip to lake with some pretty steep rmzssuecide I' m going tn impress girls by pushing an other kid into lake when sees, and "rescue" himum him but he doesit fall immediately and starts screamingpush warmalready turned around and saw me do ittthink "Well I not jump in and rescue him now.that maid look super weird‘ajust stand there insteadskid can' t swim for shit and sin ksget there out the water is so murky they cant see himunfucking drownspresque divers ity in by helicopter but he' s already been under 15 minutes when they get therenot course people start thinki rig I' m sick in the Madage: sent to numerous doctors/ psychiatrists over 5 yearsroam find anything wrong with metimr the outward science when doctors tell my parents there doesn' t seem to anything wrong (IE, Your kid is just evil}tureen an reel use ever sinceIt replies omitted.

/mu/tant takes off his headphones

/mu/tant takes off his headphones he 70849854 OF'llook outside and see the sun shiningsuecide to stop surrounding myself in awall of noise for onceHake headphones offwear birds outside and the general sound of lifeso sereneMake deep breath and soak it all intbagin to be able to hear myself thinkpstart to focus on my own thoughtsthroughts start to spiral out of controleeverything starts speeding upait' s moving too fasteeverything becomes too sharpwetting suicidalpied immense pressure on every sensepears and nose start bleedingturn noise back on and drown everything outeat peace again

How to tan human flesh.

How to tan human flesh. JPG 25.Kib720x406pplaying generic D& Dsuecide to make a skeleton bard with atrumpetsnarfed INV/.

/pol/ack talks to Mormons

/pol/ack talks to Mormons local Mormons,missionaries agree to talk.mine of them starts crying tears of joytalking about being filled with the spirit.