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JonTron is a nazi

JonTron is a nazi background info: Succgon of cuckad got temporarily suspended from twitter, made a livestream, when suddenly Jon "We're going on a ghetto safari" Jafari joins.obviously, some people aren't happy with redpilled Jon "alt right is alright" Jafari talking to the führer of the english nazi movement sargon of cuckad.

Want Some Pasta America?

Want Some Pasta America? I am make gift of pasta for you, entirely ofgoodness of own heart and not at all because you suddenly weirdand scary and am want gain favor quickly.Aw hell yes, I fuckin' love pasta.

The internet is amazing

The internet is amazing When you' re casually browsing the deep webyou suddenly find [ of [til.

The most saddest words: /pol/ was right again

The most saddest words: /pol/ was right again 198% (, 220x326)33 Cl Anonymous) hour ago [ ]Ne suddenly had quite a sad realization, /pol/.ychan, and this board in general, has always tried to be controversial, to opposesocial norms, to push the limits, to be edgy.