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Anon makes a case for Anakin

Anon makes a case for Anakin Beware of white men in blue suits 6 mns agoThe difference between capitalists and commies 9 mns agoIdiot says he'll fight for NK 11 mns agoA BUDGET MECHANICAL KEYBOARD 17 mns agoThis is why Austria is Great 34 mns agoI made a gaming channel on YouTube!51 mns agoEvergreen College unsafe for white students 52 mns ago

She needs a real man

She needs a real man Having his own face on his top 32 snds agoBe polite and do the right thing 37 snds agoIs this the greatest feel in the world?1 mn agoThese guys nearly die when a tornado 7 mns agoWell your GF doesn't want you to leave 11 mns agoHow it feels when you may get a promotion this year 17 mns ago

Man, real pirates suck

Man, real pirates suck I don't know about you guys,but i'd watch this 8 mns ago“Don’t look at the sun without your glasses!” 23 mns agoSaw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse 33 mns agoTook a picture of the eclipse 39 mns agolook at that o`hair haircut 44 mns agoFoo Fighters featuring RICK ASTLEY - Never Gonna Give You Up 55 mns agoRuined it!