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Google may combine Home and Wi-Fi hub into a single product

Google may combine Home and Wi-Fi hub into a single product That may not be the case in the future, however, as it is purportedly looking to combine both of these into a single connected smart hub.Such a combination would make for a Wi-Fi router with a smart, connected speaker that understands vocal commands.

It didn't work

It didn't work World Oldest Person Passes Away 23 hrs agoNorth Korean Defector Speaks Out (adorable) 23 hrs agoXunofteins Ruavar Xabtigu 20 hrs agoLiberals versus math, who will win?18 hrs agoLateral trash from the land of Azeban 9 hrs agohistorical photos part 3 Brazilian 23 hrs ago"I'm neither man nor woman" 21 hrs agoThe Scotsman's Daughters.

friendzoned so f'ing hard

friendzoned so f'ing hard Dent know what I did to deserve such anamazing girl, but I took her en a helicopterride todayPHANIL: Fallow nperp?harUPDATE: W y' all, turns out she was justanother female that ' t get over her exand tried to tie and hide things from meaxing girl but I tryoutBeen in egg X

Attention – Microsoft Edge and Word Games

We are aware of an issue in which players using the Microsoft Edge browser are unable to utilize the keyboard while playing Word games such as Crossword Cove and Word Whomp.This is due to a security setting in the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

nut to hip hop

nut to hip hop o 9 ugl 85%Did anyone else rap to these handjob vids back inthe day?Such an impressive load.