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Just another Tumblr comp

Just another Tumblr comp i wish Sauron had an army like that 19 hrs ago[WIKILEAKS HAPPENING] CIA VIRUS CONTROL SYSTEM: HIVE 20 hrs agoIt’s not Guzma’s Fault 21 hrs agoTry to take my gun, you'll need to go on the run 22 hrs agoStar Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser 21 hrs agoThe Regressive Left in a Nutshell 14 hrs agoNew post Man asks his wife's daughter if he can be her dad 04/14/2017Killing Babies is Morally Irrelevant 21 hrs ago

Scary stuff comp #17 [morbid]

Scary stuff comp #17 [morbid] On her way home Junko was kidnapped by a group of young men, including a 17-year-old who was identified as ‘Jō’ and would be later given the surname Kamisaku.Pictured; Far left: Junko, three of the unidentified abductors and the home in which Junko was taken to and raped and tortured for 44-days.

I don't have a FJ Picardia, my bad.

I don't have a FJ Picardia, my bad. when you start spamming borderline NSFWstuff on channels because you don' t getenough points on NSFW itself and tell peopleto just block your channel and when theyblock them you just open 3 more and startspamming, too and when they start blockingall of these channels you start posting yourshitty content in the regular channels as well

Scary stuff comp #18 [morbid]

Scary stuff comp #18 [morbid] Two weeks later, another police officer said he saw the same creature.Therefore Glatman returns in this comp to finish up his story and the next comp will feature the other serial killer.