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Just another Tumblr comp

Just another Tumblr comp i wish Sauron had an army like that 19 hrs ago[WIKILEAKS HAPPENING] CIA VIRUS CONTROL SYSTEM: HIVE 20 hrs agoIt’s not Guzma’s Fault 21 hrs agoTry to take my gun, you'll need to go on the run 22 hrs agoStar Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser 21 hrs agoThe Regressive Left in a Nutshell 14 hrs agoNew post Man asks his wife's daughter if he can be her dad 04/14/2017Killing Babies is Morally Irrelevant 21 hrs ago

Scary stuff comp #17 [morbid]

Scary stuff comp #17 [morbid] On her way home Junko was kidnapped by a group of young men, including a 17-year-old who was identified as ‘Jō’ and would be later given the surname Kamisaku.Pictured; Far left: Junko, three of the unidentified abductors and the home in which Junko was taken to and raped and tortured for 44-days.

I don't have a FJ Picardia, my bad.

I don't have a FJ Picardia, my bad. when you start spamming borderline NSFWstuff on channels because you don' t getenough points on NSFW itself and tell peopleto just block your channel and when theyblock them you just open 3 more and startspamming, too and when they start blockingall of these channels you start posting yourshitty content in the regular channels as well