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Robot experiences the gay handshake

Robot experiences the gay handshake skoalking an the campus, heading home after alecturedrweird black guy stops me and starts aconversationretells me his name and offers his hand for ahandshakewhynot.jpgmrshake hands with mer" Say bro, are there any LGBT clubs aroundhere?

/k/ommando has trigger discipline

/k/ommando has trigger discipline 5 Anonymousago to gympstart blowing guys in theshowers58 KB JPG gguy stops me mid blowjibberyhe' s all like, "bro do you like guns'?'?

Everyone loves a slinky

Everyone loves a slinky When you don't get the skin you want 5 mns agoTacomile Nesaplyim Avepepos 32 mns agoHow are they not in jail?1 hr agoAreth thoust've wokeste'st 1 hr agoSoompsers-The merging is complete 1 hr agoWW2 [Warning - it gets loud] 1 hr agoAnon talks about a certain feel 1 hr ago