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It's the truth

It's the truth THE LEGEND OF THE SAMURAI 2 hrs agoI didn't know that it was a proper word!2 hrs agoI need me some real money.

Even in death I still serve

Even in death I still serve Gaknilfia Xecoken Vakondam 8 mns agoWhen you don't know know who the girl with loose crotch lips is 10 mns agoBehind the scenes photos from Castlevania's animation studio 16 mns ago/co/ brainstorms modern King of the Hill 16 mns agoRobot and his autistic girlfriend 20 mns agoDaily News: August 12, 2017 21 mns agoWhen the family meets your friends 29 mns agoMy views on the BLM and White Supremisist riots right now 34 mns agoSan Antonio Confederate Monument Protest 36 mns agoIf nintendo stopped teasing 37 mns agoWickelsofu Okon Sokadexco 38 mns ago

Daily News August 16-2k17

Daily News August 16-2k17 Lee could lead to attempts to remove monuments honoring former Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.Lee to another name,"Trump said.