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Yes they are, you hipster

Yes they are, you hipster Matt Binder at FallowMailordera lot seem to have a problem with thisparagraph.step out of your bubble none atHere' s the full list at female characters that Nintendo intends as farWetten' s History Month: Tetra from "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walter ,"Tardette born the Mario series, bayonetta from "Bayonetta," Rosalina ttom the Marieseries, Lucius Eran: "Fire Emblem," Karmas Aran bun '" and Babbette fromPaper Maria.

How to respond to a man-hater

How to respond to a man-hater 1 pointWELL, men are still trolling here.Step it up, or ask for help.

Choosing the harder path for sympathy points.

Choosing the harder path for sympathy points. isStep in Inequality' by art director and graphic designerShimsJude FurrThis is s great analogy!The most profitable college career ispetroleum engineering in which a majority of it' sgraduates are men, Whereas the lessones such as gender studies and art history.

Thinking one step further

Thinking one step further Ziav Boot Offub Altyshowh 6 mns agoMe looking for your waifu 21 mns agothese faces ar sooo silly 24 mns agoMan arrested for reading Churchill in public 28 mns agohwo dose thismakeyou feel 28 mns agoDeath of Hope - Warhammer 30.000 Short Film 29 mns agoThis should be the biggest story in the news 36 mns agoYssuavni Fabicaca Sopeily 36 mns agoWhat happens when you get to the bottom of the ocean 40 mns agoHow to ruin a game in 0.

Everyone loves a slinky

Everyone loves a slinky When you don't get the skin you want 5 mns agoTacomile Nesaplyim Avepepos 32 mns agoHow are they not in jail?1 hr agoAreth thoust've wokeste'st 1 hr agoSoompsers-The merging is complete 1 hr agoWW2 [Warning - it gets loud] 1 hr agoAnon talks about a certain feel 1 hr ago