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Punch a woman, save a life

Punch a woman, save a life she 24we camping at campsite friend told me aboutago there enjoy the sights sit by river and drinkingif days into camping I see this WEI!redhead girlghast forward adays me and peptalk and riverbasks ifl wanna some back to to eatrafter we eat we talk a lilHT.

Steal His look: Captain Texas

Steal His look: Captain Texas I Laughed But It Hurt a Little.19 hrs agoif you're dutch you aint much 22 hrs agoHey, you stole my flag I was going to burn!

Quick Look: Persona 5

Quick Look: Persona 5 The fifth main iteration in the long-running Persona series, featuring a group of high school students and a cat who moonlight as phantom thieves who can steal hearts.Like its predecessors, it combines elements of turn-based, dungeon-crawling role-playing games with simulation-style visual novels, now rendered in high-definition, cel-shaded 3D for the first time.