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The Current State of Diablo III

The Current State of Diablo III I haven't fired up Diablo III since playing through Reaper of Souls a few times in the first couple of months after its debut, so it's safe to say that I wouldn't be the best person to share feedback on the current state of the action RPG threequel.But I don't have to, as that is the primary scope of this new article on LazyGamer:

38 Studios Investigation Concludes, No Criminal Charges

38 Studios Investigation Concludes, No Criminal Charges After a four-year investigation, Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilman and State Police Colonel Steven O’Donnell announced in a press conference on Friday that they would not be filing any charges against former 38 Studios employees or any officials involved in the $75 million loan deal that was negotiated between the video game developer (for the development of Project Copernicus) and the state of Rhode Island.A report of what was stated at the press conference is up on WPRI (thanks Gamasutra), allowing us to glean further details:

/pol/ on PewDiePie's transformation

/pol/ on PewDiePie's transformation re SC) distraught with the state ofyour ) study millennial entertainment trends and transform yourselfinto an internet hyperboles in order's gather an audience ofthe greatest number of still mentally malleable children and act likea dumb fyck idiot far 7 years just SC) we can begin normalizing Nazism at the peak ofyour popularityModern Ubermensch

Freeman saves /pol/ack from some Trayvon

Freeman saves /pol/ack from some Trayvon dirtyloud, jpg t4- Time for a bad nigger exp.(Lilme ini.

Illegal immigration cures diseases

Illegal immigration cures diseases ldacHenryToday Henry' s condition is much improved"E SVT/ ScreenshotSW Meetings withdiversity can curediseasesPublished February IS, 2017 at (19: 41DOMESTIC.Illegal immigration from the Third World can havepositive, previously unknown medical effects on public health.

Pewdiepie drops massive redpills

'5 vs 1' turn into '1 vs 1' 23 hrs agoWhat Will You Do When They're Gone?23 hrs agoIllegal Alien Boycott, Funded by I.