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ALONETOGETHER/Shia's chuckshed

ALONETOGETHER/Shia's chuckshed From 12 April 2017, LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner will spend a month in three remote cabins somewhere in Lapland, entirely cut off from other people.A video link to a small cabin installed in the gallery is their only point of contact with the outside world.

Anon gears up for academic suicide

Anon gears up for academic suicide MI File: 147036_ 25616, igg (24 KB,Anonymous ( [Reply] F :page paper one tomorrowstartedpage paper one fridayblatent startedtomorrowihavent chosen a topicteenier exams start tomorrowihavent studiedcheeting with deans on monday about "conduct violations"aabout to get suspended anywayhow fucked am i'?E replies omitted.