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Me Against the World

Me Against the World But they'll never throw it back to you 22 hrs agoSOMEBODY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP HIM!23 hrs agoAnd after all You're my wonderwall 21 hrs agohere are blinding There are many things 23 hrs agoI'm a spider, so what?

Anon doesn't need Communism

Anon doesn't need Communism We Need CommunismDebateable13, 153 viewsI At what age do we start giving helicopter rides?Anonymous (ID: rle' i (/ 1 5/ 1 T( Wed) 19:Embed]File: we ks, 512x512}man this kid needs some friends, at his age i was a happy kid not worryingabout political ideologythis tooat ten I had gotten laid at least 5 times with 2 different girlsDid you turn out?

But wait there's more

But wait there's more Shit story thread.I' ll startcomes back from Iraqearrings a bunch of with himfella me he try themLlooks nastythem4 bagsidea in retrospectheme passstarts making an amazing impression M a whale callto bathroomairstrike inboundan toilet and let out an ungodly fartwaveverthing else ermee outan was stuckwas determined to get it out of mewith the heme of a thousand sunsNnothingmy will and elenor wary muscle in my bodyemitter a legit battle cry to get my diaphragm to push with enaugh fererellada brother hearsinaudible kekestarts to eema outpain was indescribableesteam rolling down my faeeexpanding sizes beyond human understandingHard tries ta suck itself back up into my assholeso hard I light headed and nearly pass outfinally, the beast had been defeatedl to leek into the heiler aee the atrocity that was produced by my sphincterwhen yea gaze in to the abyss, the abyss gazes back

Anon works at a bank

Anon works at a bank File: urging (266 KB, )C) Anonymous 02/ " unis) No.I' ll startwe merework ate bank as a clerkexelent job, pays well, cant complain.

A little more faith in humanity.

A little more faith in humanity. Meet Mason ' MlMason left his lob on Wall Street to start up his pizzabusiness in Philly.His Tl' t!