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Podcast: When Is 'Crunch' OK?

Podcast: When Is 'Crunch' OK? Is mandatory overtime an integral part of game development or a systemic issue that should be completely eliminated?On today’s episode of our podcast, Kotaku Splitscreen, industry veteran Matthew Burns (Destiny, Halo) joins us to talk about the nuances of “crunch”—game parlance for forced unpaid overtime—and how it fits into game development.

Podcast: Nintendo Is Bumming Us Out

Podcast: Nintendo Is Bumming Us Out Even for longtime Nintendo fans, it’s hard not to feel burned by the Wii U, a console that never quite lived up to its potential.Today on our podcast, Kotaku Splitscreen, Kirk and I talk about this week’s disappointing Nintendo news, and how Zelda’s delay signals an unceremonious end for Wii U.

Podcast: Will Xbox Scorpio Make A Difference?

There’s a lot we don’t know yet about Xbox Scorpio, but hey, let’s talk about it anyway.On today’s episode of Kotaku Splitscreen we wonder: Will Microsoft’s upgraded Xbox pick up enough steam to catch up with the PS4?

Podcast: Console Wars Suck

Podcast: Console Wars Suck Join me and Kirk for a chat about the dumb culture of Xbox vs.Playstation vs.