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Shit I get on messenger

Shit I get on messenger Here to save the what now?40 snds agoThumb If You a Believer In This Religion 2 mns agoI am the reason you're single 11 mns agoTotallytito IRL skateboarding footage 19 mns agoTuker vs Berkly organizer 22 mns agoThings that make you laugh 40 mns agoFunnyjunkers on Valentine's Day.

le pen is mightier than the sword.

le pen is mightier than the sword. Monsieur Macron you have an amazing talent.You have been speaking for seven minutes *i H Delectand I cannot sum up what you have said.

/his/ talks about the Alpha male

l Anonymous ) l% Np, 26'being the son ofa prestigious family,We noisily speaking, hehad to start from scratchpolitician147 KB Jag generalshis subordinates toyedhim and followed him around fanaticallyReconquered barbarians left and righta fucking Triumphrally saved France tram beingGermans (yikes) by fending all Germansettlers heading to Gallic landsspirirt General tta cross the RhineRoman General to cross the EnglishChannelRoman General to reach Britaindeafeated Pompey.a flying legend thatRom ans literally compared to Alexanderthe Greatbadass sixty senators teamed up tokill himSo badass sixty people had to stab himtimes to make sure he' s deadtti, attemt them back when hewas a bonsai by the mayRomans began to deity him as soon ashe diedemperors proudly calledthemselves "Caesar"shis family name literally became the wordused for "king'' in many languages (Caesar,Kaiser.

Damn, I wonder what got him so pissed?

Damn, I wonder what got him so pissed? Japanese husband has gone 20 'YEARSwithout speaking to his wife since sheHe said on the show: 'l was kind of.jealous.

Look what Trump has done

Carrie Fishery /TI: ll " Vl CI W zTrump speaking his mind isn' t refreshing, it' sappalling.Coca Cola is refreshing.

Ruch Tierdom Erils Loshuda

Ruch Tierdom Erils Loshuda gm: Fdax News J Like PageH 23 hrs.isMre Rowe took to social mediate respond to a critic that accused himnot speaking out against white nationalism, given his wide tan base-tapi/ miia/ hooof at single VCC.

Voice of a tumor

Voice of a tumor In 1934, 11 British woman heard a.toay' Please don' tbe afraid,, I know it must beshocking for IOU to hear mespeaking to you like this, but this isthe easiest way I could think of,, Myfriend and I used to work.