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People perceive you as..

People perceive you as.. Are Republicans The Real Snowflakes?9 mns agoGOT STREAM IT JUST STARTED 14 mns agoPull out game weaker than my will to live 17 mns agoWhat company's motto would go well with another company 19 mns agoRate my new characters FJ 22 mns agoAnd old people nowadays call young people stupid 23 mns agoWestboro Baptist Church now has an online dating site 32 mns agoGlobal Warming undeniable 35 mns agoItsudempoc Hevapub Sacowovof 43 mns agoThings aren't going as planned.

The red V of death

The red V of death Trump asks lawyers about powers to pardon himself 56 snds agoGypsydude will listen to your problems 7 mns agowhen u fat anything is possible 8 mns agoOn your mark, get set.WTF!

A-mora Lame Hicana~

A-mora Lame Hicana~ Mudkip's Stolen Memes #42 42 snds agoJoJo's Bizarre Summer Break Chapters 41 and 42 4 mns agoPop Culture Post Apocalyptic by Filip Hodas 10 mns agoSkins concepts u have never seen before 10 mns agoRIP Chester Bennington (too soon?) 14 mns agoI got a new gf and her name is Saint 15 mns agoThe four horsemen of the apocalypse 26 mns agoGood Father and a Dramatic Son 30 mns agoGamers Share Their Weirdest Online Encounters 30 mns ago