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Straight Up Caught Comp. 32

Straight Up Caught Comp. 32 that's what you get for burning 1D tickets.some guy claims to know Lorde's boyfriend.

Anon is ashamed of his soup

Anon is ashamed of his soup rile: IMG (325 KB, 601x665)I Anonymous (( Thu) : 29.333133333339139391 333141354 339141232 'What are you most ashamed of having eaten, anon?

Anon has swine flu and wants soup.

Anon has swine flu and wants soup. OP ifshave fluswam women soup400 KB GIF uglied to couch, no energy todrivemall amok spot, order soupmernern Adah dana"border 4 quarts white rice to go with soupcomes, pay/ tip driverreopen soup, dump cqt rice into containerado this 3 more timesbeat all of itasleep for straight afterwardsawake up having pissed myselfit off, go to bathroom, take gigantic shit, layback down on pissy couch, asleep anotherawake up again, feeling refreshedego to the park and sit in the sun for a whileego home, couch stinks to high heavenstrag out to the driveway, leave it thereego to furniture store, order new couch, payexpedited delivery/ same daywatching the delivery guys load a sowingwet piss couch into their truck1 / I would again.

Brazilian on monkey soup

Brazilian on monkey soup Yeaaaa sounds just about right 7 mns agoDont Disturb Sleepy Pengu 25 mns ago2 JoJo memes for your JoJo needs 34 mns agoA weapon to surpass metal gear 38 mns agoMASS EFFECT 2 IS A GOOD GAME COMRADES 40 mns agoBuilding Business Credit Funding 42 mns agoCities sued for Stand Down orders 1 hr agoZenyatta, That Wacky Omnic 1 hr agoNot sure if this is an upgrade 1 hr ago