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meymeys for the soul

meymeys for the soul WMD (Weapons of meme destruction) 04/13/2017Historical photos part 1776 23 hrs ago/pol/ack imagines the discussion about bombing Afghanistan.20 hrs agothey still think of us :3c 21 hrs agoUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 18 hrs agoBreath of the Wild: Long Distance Shield Parry 12 hrs agoWourg Ubabr Rytig Huladep 23 hrs ago[HAPPENING] THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED!

Keanu Reeves, the kind soul

Keanu Reeves, the kind soul Clinton Email investigator killed himself 35 snds ago"You can eat A LOT of this without the guilt ;)" 1 mn agoKengan Ashua is too funny 12 mns agoEmirates Airlines pour unused champagne back into bottles 39 mns agoStatus: Wrecked [ ] Not wrecked [ ].Wrekt [✅] 50 mns agoHarmless comment is actually oppressive microaggression 1 hr agoA Woman who was formerly a man, impregnates a man who use to be a 1 hr agoR.

Sole's Shattered Soul

Sole's Shattered Soul Ronnie message of the second:::::::::::::::::When I was a child, I hated shoes with a passion.I would test my resolve by walking barefoot down a gravel driveway for 50 yards.

Memes 4 Da Soul

Memes 4 Da Soul This guy made a game to propose to his girlfriend 10 mns agoWhitebeard without his bandanna 11 mns agoStuff from my screenshot folder (possible spoilers) 17 mns ago( ) HAPPY AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT ( ) 21 mns agoThe Jewish Role in the "Refugee" crisis.22 mns agoRolden Tyexackick Uduachoowi 23 mns agoWhy must you hurt me like this?

CIA fuckery in 'Nam

CIA fuckery in 'Nam Operation Wandering Soul"The Wandering Soul"Listen to the eerie sounds of "The Wandering Soul" - also known as "Ghost Tape Number 10" - that was broadcast by loudspeakers installed on Swifts and other units during "Chieu Hoi" and Psychological Warfare missions to "taunt" the enemy.The tape directs its audio message at these values:{Funeral Music and the Wailing Sounds of a Moaning Ghost}{The Daughter "Hai" Crys Out for Her Father}Daddy, daddy, come home with me, come home.