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right to the heart of the matter

right to the heart of the matter It doesnt matter, you guys cant resist.Just surrender yourself to glory of penetratinga woman of a different color of you.

A Call Out for Poilitcal Memes

A Call Out for Poilitcal Memes In my American Government class, our teacher will soon be setting up a discussion board for the class, and one of the projects we have to take part in it is to make memes of current politics, preferably American politics and the teacher said I was allowed to get help from friends.Now you're all a bunch of twats, but about as good of friends as I've got.

Sweden: Sex-breaks for work

Sweden: Sex-breaks for work Laid off: Swedish workers could be given paid 'sex breaks' to improve well-beingWorkers in Sweden could soon be allowed to take paid "sex breaks" during the day – in a bid to improve low birth rates and promote healthy relationships.He said couples were not spending enough time with each other in today's society, adding: "It's about having better relationships.