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Younger friends are for protecc

Younger friends are for protecc The new Attack on Titan season looks good 38 mns agoCan i get a transl8 PLZ?39 mns agoGrowing number of guys getting vasectomies to avoid the baby trap 1 hr agoCamera stabilizing technology in spoon 1 hr agoFor all of those who got Jeanne 1 hr agoOnly Newgrounds kids will remember.

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #75

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #75 Canada unable to accept 'refugees' 3 mns agoMeme Montages & Various Songs 8 mns agoX-Men 2 Clone Wars - Sentinel Complex 17 mns agoI was only pretending to be a thumbwhore guys xD!29 mns agoI'm getting good at photoshop 33 mns agoA Little Late, But Oh, Well 34 mns ago

Somewhere in a jungle there was a ugly lizard...

Somewhere in a jungle there was a ugly lizard... left wing FJers in the comments 4 mns agoDidn't know they had twitter in Saudi Arabia 32 mns agoFrance Vegan activists slam butchers and fishermen in Paris rally 47 mns agoHello darkness my old friend.1 hr agoLabelle is an eternal source of cringe 1 hr agoBASED METALHEAD TELLS TRUTH!