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Meeting your #1 Fan

Meeting your #1 Fan Tony considers handjob for money.Best GTA V RP Highlights #41 12 mns agoJus eating sum hotdogs and puttin 17 mns agoRandom Regiment Generator for Only War 38 mns agoWhen the plot armor is gone 50 mns agoIt's not easy having yourself a good time 1 hr agoGrans keeping the Beach Safe 1 hr agoUp in the club, just broke up 1 hr ago

Trump tweet on Comey

Trump tweet on Comey Muppets : behind the music.8 mns agoMeeckiti Domyteva Lugakot 12 mns agoMachine gun melts a silencer 14 mns agoThat's was a pretty big jump in the middle there.

Man security gets tighter each year

Man security gets tighter each year Even more Overlord!Comp III 1 mn agoJust can't please some people 5 mns agoName a more brutal video game death scene 9 mns ago/tv/ predicts the next Game of Thrones cameo 9 mns agoThe absolute state of Laura Loomer 20 mns agoAnon Reminisces About the Old Days 24 mns agoWhat did Hitler do wrong?

Move bitch, get out the way

Move bitch, get out the way You want to pick up a book, but she' s in your way.what do’?

Just don't be desperate

Just don't be desperate I Don't Understand How Some Women 16 hrs agoFossil footprints found in Crete 16 hrs ago(Average Texan, looking for gasoline and land, circa 2017) 16 hrs ago/pol/ solves world hunger 22 hrs agoHave you tried google translate?4 hrs agoSaying Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are white is racist 20 hrs agoThe Four Elements Specialized, Non-benders 19 hrs ago