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Fable Legends Shuts Down, Refunds Incoming

Fable Legends Shuts Down, Refunds Incoming As expected, Lionhead Studios' Fable Legends was officially shuttered today, ending any chance that the action RPG installment might be resurrected somehow, someway despite the odds being stacked against it.The silver lining is that those of you who happened to spend money in-game will have it refunded, thus getting what was likely hours of entertainment for free:

“Cnt” is a gendered insult, but “dck” somehow isn't?

2 "cunt" is a super gendered insultin a way that "dick" can never be, Due tomany factors, like historical oppression)dehumanizationin I see.Thanks, cunt!

/pol/ enlists /k/ to help capture Shia's next flag.

/pol/ enlists /k/ to help capture Shia's next flag. Hoot!somehow finds out where the flag is using a newly developed form of weaponisedautismslt' s in a guarded bunkers/ pol/ realises they won' t be able to do this aloneHoot!

Brit/pol/ on Socrates

Brit/pol/ on Socrates File: / (76 KB, 334x250)Socrates was somehow a hybrid.kknow for being a great soldierkknow and sexual prowessminnhe doesn' t want to work after getting back from warringmete a New of young men who follow him m/ ery/ where and treat him like a godbcba to provide for his family, would rather drink and shitpost with the ladsolives off autism/ pity but given to him by his friendsmet sentenced to death for corrupting the youtht bother defending himself and lets himself be put to death to make a pointlitterally chose death over becoming alitterally chose death over stopping the shitposting and becoming a normie