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Faith in Humanity Restored

Faith in Humanity Restored Name for a new non-canon chapter.2 mns agoWhat happend after the end of season 3 41 mns ago".

Memes that taste good when you've smoked weed

Memes that taste good when you've smoked weed And they were never found 11 mns agoWhite House petition to label Antifa as terrorists 19 mns agoGive me money or you're bad 26 mns agoHooltadub Ovokeat Ysernytsan 27 mns agoNot rooting for the black guy: Racism!1 hr agoStinky Pinky's Girls of Wonder 1 hr agoCoca cola life review stevia birthday boy 1 hr agoCagryiroo Samsid Ralliglock 1 hr agoImagine if this Ship appeared in KanColle 1 hr agoLisa the Painful RPG Fan Animation 1 hr ago7,36 MILLION MUSLIMS!

Just don't be desperate

Just don't be desperate I Don't Understand How Some Women 16 hrs agoFossil footprints found in Crete 16 hrs ago(Average Texan, looking for gasoline and land, circa 2017) 16 hrs ago/pol/ solves world hunger 22 hrs agoHave you tried google translate?4 hrs agoSaying Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are white is racist 20 hrs agoThe Four Elements Specialized, Non-benders 19 hrs ago